Barcelona Airport or Aeropuerto de Barcelona:

Twenty Spanish airports, including Barcelona Airport,  in the northern part of the Iberian peninsula were closed Saturday due to the cloud of ash from the Icelandic volcano of Eyjafjalla, which covered part of Spanish air space. 

Barcelona Airport:

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Barcelona Airport has opened recently the new T1. Check your flights to see if your flights departs from Barcelona Airport T1 or the old termional T2.

Barcelona Airport (Barcelona BCN ) becomes the second major airport in Spain.

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Barcelona Airport

Barcelona Airport:

Most of the Barcelona airport traffic is domestic flights and European flights to Barcelona. At the barcelona airport the airlines Iberia, Vueling and Spanair have operational base. However, the number of intercontinental connections is less than the average of other European airports with their level of passenger traffic, since it only has 12 international flights from Barcelona Airport. Six are with Latin America, one in Asia (Singapore) and five in North America. Intercontinental scarcity has been a constant source of complaint from the authorities of Barcelona Airport and pressure groups in recent years.

In recent years, traffic on low-cost airlines has grown significantlyin Barcelona airport, especially after the establishment of operational bases by Vueling and Clickair at the airport.
Vueling and Clickair have merged in July 2009 under the name of Vueling. Also operate other low-cost airlines like easyJet, SkyEurope and Wizzair. Ryanair, in turn, has asked traffic rights to begin operation in Barcelona in 2010.

The Barcelona airport has three runways and landing, a parallel, called 07L/25R and 07R/25L (these two last opened in 2004) and a cross, the 02/20. It has two terminals: T1 (inaugurated on 16/06/2009) and T2, which is the sum of the previous A, B and C. The two terminals have a total of 268 desks and 64 boarding bridges. Operations at the airport are restricted exclusively to instrumental flights, VFR flights remain banned (Visual Flight Rules), except VFR health, emergency and government.

Currently the Barcelona airport is in the process of enlargement (Barcelona Plan) which includes the construction of a new terminal (Terminal 1) whose opening has been scheduled for summer 2009, between the old tracks and the new parallel runway. These reforms aim to bring the barcelona airport to traffic growth occurred in recent years (8% annually) and allowing for future growth, rising from 30 million passengers in 2006 to be able to manage up to 55 million once the expansion ends .

The Barcelona airport is the subject of political discussion about the management and control between the Government of Catalonia and Spain, which has involved AENA (airport operator) and various airlines, Iberia and Spanair (major users). Part of the controversy is about the benefits that the airport generates, used in investment and maintenance at other airports AENA network and government investments in other economic areas.

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