Barcelona Airport or Aeropuerto de Barcelona:

Twenty Spanish airports, including Barcelona Airport,  in the northern part of the Iberian peninsula were closed Saturday due to the cloud of ash from the Icelandic volcano of Eyjafjalla, which covered part of Spanish air space. 

Barcelona Airport:

Now here you can find latest information/news regarding Barcelona Airport tranfers:

Barcelona Airport has opened recently the new T1. Check your flights to see if your flights departs from Barcelona Airport T1 or the old termional T2.

Barcelona Airport (Barcelona BCN ) becomes the second major airport in Spain.

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Parking at Girona Airport

Barcelona airport has more than 23,000 parking spaces, of which over 12,000 are in the parking lots of the T1 and 11,900 in the T2. The T1 has two parking buildings connected to the terminal walkway totaling 9,400 spaces. A surface car park with 1,600 spaces also has direct access to the terminal and long stay car park with 1015 spaces, located two kilometers from the terminal, is connected by shuttle. The T2 has two separate buildings connected to T2C T2A and through gateway and distributed surface car parks opposite the terminal. All areas have access controls manned by permanent monitoring and customer service.

To access the car parks, you must collect a ticket by clicking on the ticket dispenser located at each of the entrances. Once in the parking lot, must drive slowly (10 Km / h). To ensure smooth traffic, the crane will remove all vehicles parked in unauthorized places so that the offender must pay the fee authorized.

Once you leave the vehicle, not leave valuables in sight and lock the doors Take the ticket and keep it. Remember the number of square on the left by the vehicle.

To exit the parking lot, the stay must be paid before removing the vehicle. There are numerous automatic payment machines located in the terminal lobbies, in parking tickets to pedestrians and on different floors of car park buildings. Once done so, remove the validated ticket from the machine and go to your vehicle. Has twenty minutes to leave the car park. To exit, insert the ticket into the apparatus for receipt of tickets located in each lane.

If you lost the ticket or have a problem, request information by pressing the button at all ATMs or go to the information center. If that does not meet the car battery, car park operators will bring the car up for free.