iPad Air 2 Acting as Savior for Apple

Apple introduced its first tablet in 2010 and since then it has managed to make some sort of domestic name for its tablet devices. The iPad 2 was an instant hit and it was followed by the iPad Air 2. Rumors and speculations never cease when it comes to Apple and its amazing products.

For the time being the sales of the iPad devices are pretty down. Thus, in order to solve the situation Apple needs a new device to attract more customers and save its income. The question is if the new iPad Air2 can turn into the savior of Apple’s revenues in the table category. Obviously, that there have been leaks and suppositions about the new Apple gadget, which is supposed to hit the market this coming autumn. Little is known about this new member of the i line. It is supposed that it will have a bigger display and more advanced specs; but nothing is for sure.

The most recent unofficial photos of the iPad Air 2 present its back chassis, thus giving a hint on the appearance of the gadget. This tablet is going to have a thinner figure and the volume buttons are flatter than the ones belonging to its predecessor. The mike is located in the upper part, near the sensor for photos.

Most Apple fans consider that the tablet will come equipped with the fingerprint technology characteristic for the iPhone 5S.

Only time can tell if the iPad Air 2 is going to be the savior of Apple’s tablet division.