Folders and VoLTE support introduced by Windows Phone 8.1 Upgrade

The Update for the Windows Phone 8.1 is about to arrive and therefore Windows has decided to offer users more details about it.

The data about Windows Phone 8.1 and its Update 1 have been made public on Microsoft’s developer website. The company has declared that the folder support will be available in no time for its operating system created especially for mobile phones. The upgrade will permit people having a phone running on Windows Phone 8.1 to put one Live Tile upon another in order to make a totally new folder. This feature is nothing new for iOS and Android which made available for their users years ago.

The support for Voice Over LTE usually abbreviated as VoLTE will be also upgraded. Thus, the Lumia owners will have the possibility to give various phone calls by means of the 4 G connection. The upgrade will have support for 1280×800 screens as well as for screen 7 inches wide. This hints towards a Windows Phone phablet in the not so remote future.

The Windows Phone upgrade will bring extra support for interactive type of cases. This suggests that the company is probably working to produce a cover resembling the Dot View Case belonging to HTC. This permits phone possessors to see their notifications by means of their cases. It has been suggested that HTC might be in the process of making a version of the One M8 phone which runs on Windows Phone.

The upgrade will provide users with a Cortona phonebook entry. This will make possible the integration with the navigations system of a car. It will also enable the medium Live Tile to highlight the Windows Store Applications. The upgrade will bring users the support they need for the Network Time Protocol.

Microsoft has not made any official announcements about the official date release but anonymous sources related to the company claim that the update will be launched the following week.

When it comes to advertising, Microsoft has decided to go for the Samsung strategy. Thus, there has been released an advertisement in which Cortona mocks Apple Siri.