Should You Jailbreak Your iPhone 7? Pros & Cons Discussed

Phone vs iPhone: This isn’t going to be pretty

Almost since the first iPhone was introduced people have been jailbreaking them. Jailbreaking, for those that don’t know, is the name given to the process of removing the hardware restrictions Apple implements on its iOS devices. Once these hardware restrictions are removed, users have more control over the customization of their iPhone and what they can install on them. In this way, a jailbroken iPhone offers customization and configuration comparable to what a Mac or Windows user can do with their PC out of the box.

Apple DOES NOT like you jailbreaking your iPhone. It voids the handset’s warranty and should you take a jailbroken iPhone into an Apple Store one of those blue t-shirt-wearing geniuses is likely to burn you at the stake. In addition to this, each new iteration of iOS makes it harder for hackers to crack Apple’s software, as the company closes security holes, exploits and gaps in the source code.

Be that as it may, plenty of punters prefer their iPhones jailbroken and when you see just what’s possible with a jailbroken iPhone, from third party app stores to customization, you might just be persuaded as well. If you are one of the lucky one and want to jailbreak iPhone 7 since the day one, you can do that without any risk, you can always remove your jailbreak.

Jailbreaking is usually always done by running a third-party app on your Mac or PC with your iPhone connected via USB. Popular jailbreaking apps include Safera1n and PP Jailbreak. There are many benefits to jailbreaking your iPhone but also some HUGE drawbacks. Here we pit a jailbroken iPhone versus a regular iPhone to see how they compare.

iPhone vs Jailbroken iPhone: Apps & Games

While Apple’s official App Store has millions of apps for non-jailbroken iPhones what those apps can do–and the iPhone hardware they are allowed to access is dictated by Apple. For example, no third-party app can get access to Siri. When you jailbreak your iPhone, not only do you allow apps to access off-limits hardware and services, you can also install alternative App Stores, like Cydia. This and similar jailbroken app stores will offer thousands of apps that Apple doesn’t allow–apps like ad blockers and video rippers.

Using jailbroken app stores also gives your iPhone access to many more games from other platforms. That’s because a jailbroken iPhone is capable of running game emulators, which you can load pirated ROMs into. So a jailbroken iPhone could, for example, run a (very non-legal) ROM of Super Mario Bros.

Another big plus a jailbroken iPhone has is users can uninstall the default apps the iPhone comes with, such as Mail, Photos, and more.

iPhone vs Jailbroken iPhone: Customization

Another big bonus a jailbroken iPhone has is customization. Jailbroken iPhones can run themes and skins (just like Android devices can). You can also tweak the look and feel of iOS elements like the Dock and Control Center. You can even give Siri new voices and change the default icons of apps.

However, Apple has slowly been adding customization options to iOS each year. For example, it used to be only jailbroken iPhones could use third-party keyboards, but since iOS 8, now all iPhones can. Still, a jailbroken iPhone offers much greater control over the look and feel of iOS than a non-jailbroken iPhone does.

iPhone vs Jailbroken iPhone: Security

Security is an area where a non-jailbroken iPhone wins big time. Matter of fact, if you care about security DO NOT JAILBREAK YOUR IPHONE. Doing so opens it up to a host of malicious attacks from vulnerabilities you introduce when jailbreaking. Why is this? Because the act of jailbreaking itself is hacking your iPhone to remove specific security protections. This leaves your iPhone open and vulnerable. For example, the recent KeyRaider breach infected at least 225,000 jailbroken iPhones–and 0 non-jailbroken iPhones–and not only did it steal usernames and passwords, but it made some of those jailbroken iPhones inaccessible until people paid the hackers money to remove the ransomware that they installed.

iPhone vs Jailbroken iPhone: Warranty

A jailbroken iPhone also voids your Apple warranty, so if something goes wrong with your device–for example, it gets bricked while jailbreaking (meaning it becomes completely fried and non-functional)–it is automatically not covered by any remaining warranty. This means that when jailbreaking your iPhone you accept the risk that you may soon have a $700 piece of aluminum and glass that does nothing.

And even is you don’t brick your iPhone while jailbreaking it, if you need help with your iPhone and bring it into an Apple Store for assistance, the Geniuses will not be able to offer you advice on your iPhone problems as soon as they see it’s jailbroken.

iPhone vs Jailbroken iPhone: Software Updates

Another drawback to jailbreaking is that if you restore your iPhone using iTunes the jailbreak is automatically removed (or your iPhone can even become bricked). Further, you can’t apply new iOS updates to a jailbroken phone without removing the jailbreak or risking a bricked phone. This means that you need to wait for the jailbreak community to release a jailbroken version of iOS updates. Sometimes this takes months after the iOS update hits non-jailbroken phones–and sometimes it never happens at all.

iPhone vs Jailbroken iPhone: Battery

The final drawback to jailbreaking your iPhone is in the battery department. Jailbroken iPhones are generally less power efficient because of all the hacks and your battery will drain much faster.

iPhone vs Jailbroken iPhone: Verdict

A jailbroken iPhone can be a lot of fun if you have a high risk tolerance, but it does leave you open to sever cyber threats and hacks. If you do want to jailbreak your device, don’t make it your main iPhone. Use the iPhone 3G that’s been sitting in a drawer for three years. For the rest of us, it’s better to skip the temptation of jailbreaking and use the iPhone as Apple intended–and if you don’t want to do that, there’s always Android.

iPad Air 2 Acting as Savior for Apple

Apple introduced its first tablet in 2010 and since then it has managed to make some sort of domestic name for its tablet devices. The iPad 2 was an instant hit and it was followed by the iPad Air 2. Rumors and speculations never cease when it comes to Apple and its amazing products.

For the time being the sales of the iPad devices are pretty down. Thus, in order to solve the situation Apple needs a new device to attract more customers and save its income. The question is if the new iPad Air2 can turn into the savior of Apple’s revenues in the table category. Obviously, that there have been leaks and suppositions about the new Apple gadget, which is supposed to hit the market this coming autumn. Little is known about this new member of the i line. It is supposed that it will have a bigger display and more advanced specs; but nothing is for sure.

The most recent unofficial photos of the iPad Air 2 present its back chassis, thus giving a hint on the appearance of the gadget. This tablet is going to have a thinner figure and the volume buttons are flatter than the ones belonging to its predecessor. The mike is located in the upper part, near the sensor for photos.

Most Apple fans consider that the tablet will come equipped with the fingerprint technology characteristic for the iPhone 5S.

Only time can tell if the iPad Air 2 is going to be the savior of Apple’s tablet division.

Apple prepares the Reversible USB Cable for its new iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 might come with a totally new USB type. Probably Apple will not change the Lightning port it made for the iPhone 5 in 2012, but it would definitely redesign it for the iPhone 6. Some photos of the reversible USB appeared for the very first time on various site last week while Sonny Dickson shared some pictures on its Twitter account.

The greatest advantage of a reversible USB is that it can be inserted in a port in any direction. Thus, there will be no more problems when inserting the USB in strangely positioned places or in the dark. The first pictures that emerged on the web were not extremely reliable due to the uncertainty of the source, but further investigation pointed out that Apple is really capable of producing a reversible USB.

The USB Promotor Group made it public the fact that they ended the design of the cable named Type C USB 3.0 which stands out due to its reversible characteristic. The greatest problem is that this cable does not fit into the present USB port of any Apple product. Considering the fact that Apple switched from the 30-pin connector to Lightning just two years ago, it seems unlikely that the company would take the decision to change the USB ports of all its products. Thus, it is quite easy as label as unreal the rumors of a reversible USB.

But, Apple filed a patent in 2013 in which it refers to a reversible USB type. The patent, unveiled this summer, contained a sketch and also a description of the invention. According to the patent description the embodiments may offer a dual orientation or a reversible USB plug connectors. The patent also stated that the invention can function with any electronic gadget which has a normal USB connector.

The Apple reversible USB may function with the usual Type A port which the company has made use of for some years now. Another evidence to support the presence of the reversible USB in the iPhone 6 package is the two-way USB cables are already a reality. They have been commercialized for some time now by Tripp Lite.

The leaked pictures and the patent filed by Apple are hints that the company might decide to redesign its USB connector for the new devices it plans to release in the coming autumn. If Apple takes this decision, then there are high possibilities for the company to use the upgraded cable on all its next devices including the rumoured iBand.

The reversible USB will be seen on the 9th of September if Apple decides to make use of it. The new iPhone 6 will have a better display, a more advanced camera system and brand new sensors.

Will iOS 8 and iPhone 6 be released at the Same Time?

Apple introduced its iOS 8 during an extended presentation within the 2014 edition of the WWDC. The Apple representatives said that the new version of iOS will have a stronger Mac integration and less strict features of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The iPhone 6 was not mentioned during the conference.

The electronics company has the habit of launching its products on Tuesdays. Apple has scheduled a major event for the 9th of September, which obviously falls on a Tuesday. Therefore, it is believed that the iOS 8 will be on the Apple’s servers starting with the following day.

For the time being, developers can use the beta version of the iOS 8. The public at large will have to wait till the official launch. The iOS 8 beta 5 can be downloaded now and it costs about 99 US dollars per year. Unfortunately, the iOS 8 has lots of bug issues and the new beta has little chances to fix all the problems. People are advised to wait until the more stable version of the operating system is released. The iOS8 Gold Master will arrive at the beginning of September.

iOS 8 requires at least an iPhone 4S or a new iPad 2. It also functions on iPad mini, iPad mini 2 and an iPod Touch 5th generation.

iOS 8.4 Jailbreak: SafeRa1n V0.2 to Jailbreak iPhone 6 iOS 8.4

Safera1n has launched a brand new improvement to its preferred jailbreaking app-based tool. Version 0.2 is capable of jailbreaking the most recent operating systems, including iOS 8.4.

For owners of the latest iPhone 6 iOS 8.4, jailbreaking has not been an simple process due to the lack of tool on the industry for the task. Safera1n programmers have worked to quell this problem, and the launch of Safera1n v0.2 solves this issue with a powerful software that can successfully, safely jailbreak iOS 8.4.

Safera1n v.0.2 can also be applied to unlock and jailbreak iPhone 6/5s/5c up to iOS 8.4.

Regarding the latest updates from Safera1n, one latest buyer said, “Excellent!! Seamless and communication perfect as always.”

Regarding Safera1n

Safera1n is a powerful app-based software for jailbreaking various iOS or tablets, including iPhone 6 iOS 8.4.

iPhone Air Rumoured to pop-out on the Market on September 25th

The electronic giant Apple is going to announce the release of its new iPhone 6 on September 15th and not on September 25th as previously agreed, claimed various media reports coming from China and based on some mysterious “inside sources”. These strange sources also announce that the new iPhone having 5.5 inches will be known as the “iPhone Air”, having sixteen “gigas”. This version will be sold on the Chinese market at the approximate price of 5,998 yuans (around 965 US dollars). At the same time, the 4.7-inch edition should start at around 5,288 yuans ( app. 850 US dollars) for thirty-two “gigas”, which is for the time being the price required by the Chinese suppliers for the iPhone 5 featuring 16 GB.

The unofficial report varies from a story posted on the Chinese suppliers’ website Tencent last month announcing that the electronic titan Apple would release the new 4.7-inch iPhone on September the 19th, which would definitely be in accordance with previous two iPhone launching events. It is a well-known fact that Apple usually releases all its new gadgets on Fridays and therefore a Thursday launch is quite impossible.

Moreover, Apple leaving aside the sixteen gigabytes version on the iPhone 6 featuring 4.7-inch would surely make it clear that the producer does not want to use this option on the 5.5-inch edition. A evaluation from Wei Feng done a month ago, described that the company would be ready to give a 128GB edition just for the iPhone 6 featuring 5.5-inch, claiming that the size of the storage space would act as a significant differentiator between the two versions of iPhone. There are high chances for the new iPhone 6 to be called iPhone Air, as suppliers were once said to be using that name when making referrals to the product.

Nobody knows if Apple is going to launch both iPhone versions (the 4.7 inch as well as the 5.5 inch) at the same time.  Bloomberg mentioned a month ago that the company would act as such, since former reports suggested that problems with the display technological innovation and battery power pack would definitely delay the launch of the device.


The iPhone 6 is expected to be packed with a bigger display and obviously have a much slimmer profile, a high speed A8 type processor and many other new features. This new gadget will have a digicam with optical image and a very modern system of stabilization. At the same time the 4.7 inch iPhone will feature a new lens element.