Apple and IBM put Their Forces Together

The news about the 18,000 employees to be given the sack by Microsoft created quite a buzz last week. However, it was not the worst news for the giant electronics company. Apple and IBM announced a week ago that they join forces in order to target important companies around the world. It is not a new fact that Apple wants to weaken Microsoft’s position within the market of desktop computers. In spite of its repeated attempts, Apple has not managed to do any damages to Microsoft. Nonetheless the situation might be completely different now.

Lots of companies have permitted their staff to make use of iPhones and iPads. However, the IT departments of numerous companies do not support this practice. This is due to Apple’s little experience in creating a secure network and in providing the necessary technical support.

Apple expressed its hopes to receive from IBM cloud services to work with its iOS operating system. Moreover, it expects to receive security, good management of devices as well as mobile integration. The Apple Care service will be created in such a way so as to suit the needs of companies. Obviously, the entire service will be based on the information received from IBM specialists. Apple has decided to go on a partnership with IBM due to its impossibility to offer huge companies technical support, management, networking and sales.

The new operating system that Apple has created for the Mac desktop is centered on connecting Apple mobile gadgets with desktop computers. But the connection between desktop and mobile devices will not be possible if the desktop is not a Mac. Maybe time has come for Apple to enter big companies.

Apple Hits Italy with Its Newest Trade-In Program for iPhones

Apple has presented its famous “reuse and recycle” trade-in program for its Italian customers and has done arrangements to move further with an outstanding market launch on the Australian continent at some point during the next week.


The computer giant is going on with trade-in program for iPhones in select nations around the globe. The Cupertino organization commenced the project in Italy and offers €220 (approximately $300) off on this revolutionary iPhone mobile phone. The program offer was initially identified by 9to5mac, demonstrated by a board in the nation’s Apple Store posting in the authorised Apple Store the application for iOS gadgets.


The modern Apple iPhone system originally named “reuse and recycle” was initially presented on the US market in August a year ago. However, gradually it penetrated the market of various countries, for example, in the UK in the month of October. Prior in March, the company presented the project in Canada and then Germany in the month of April, letting iPhone holders to exchange their old gadgets for new, more modern ones.


Apple further wants to export the system to Australia, a reliable source told the 9to5mac. The organization has been preparing Australian workers on the trade-in application for the past days with arrangements to start the trade-in activity in this south hemisphere state one week from now, the report pointed out.


The program allows the Italian clients to give back their older iPhone versions: 3G, 4S, 4, 5, 5C and 5S.  The clients will get a bonus card credit which might be connected to another iPhone 4s, 5c or 5s. The handsets are going to be checked by Apple professionals and ought to be in perfect condition. All gadgets having a good condition and accessories intact will get the highest rank. Clients can use the credit they received for one iPhone to purchase another one.


The computer giant has adjusted its reusing plan for other gadgets like upgraded iPads and Macbooks, iMacs, as well as iPhones and smart iPods. However, it doesn’t generally give much money for profit. Apple Advice points out in its Trade-In Guide for iPhone presented a year ago, outside organizations like Gazelle, Glyde or NextWorth give better prices for more out-dated iPhones.


With the much awaited arrival of the following iPhone in the month of September, smart phones enthusiasts will definitely need amazing deals for this upgrade.