Barcelona Airport or Aeropuerto de Barcelona:

Twenty Spanish airports, including Barcelona Airport,  in the northern part of the Iberian peninsula were closed Saturday due to the cloud of ash from the Icelandic volcano of Eyjafjalla, which covered part of Spanish air space. 

Barcelona Airport:

Now here you can find latest information/news regarding Barcelona Airport tranfers:

Barcelona Airport has opened recently the new T1. Check your flights to see if your flights departs from Barcelona Airport T1 or the old termional T2.

Barcelona Airport (Barcelona BCN ) becomes the second major airport in Spain.

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Bus from Girona Airport to Barcelona

To go from Girona Airport to Barcelona city centre, the best way is to take the bus. It is the cheapest way, it cost 12 Euro one way or 21 round trip, and it is a reliable service. ALL flights of Ryan Air have a bus waiting for them. Therefore, dont worry about the timetables to go to Barcelona, and just do it to return to the airport.

The journey takes 1h15 minutes, and the bus departs frm the only one exit of the Airport, and ends at Estació del Nord. Click here to see the map where it is the Estació del Nord station.

TIP: For every flight of Ryan Air, there is a bus connecting the Airport with Barcelona City. This is the cheapest way if you are travelling 1 or 2 persons. If you are more people, check prices of hiring your own car at Girona Airport

Barcelona BUS.

This is the company that connects Girona Airport with Barcelona City. Below you can download the timetables for the bus transfer from Girona Aiport to Barcelona.

Click here to download a pdf file with the timetables of transfer from Girona Airport to Barcelona bus

Click here to download a pdf file with the timetables of transfer from Barcelona to Girona Airport bus

Important: Tickets can not be reserved in advance. However, you can call them for any doubt. The telephone number of Barcelona Bus is: +34 93 593 1300

The cost of the transfer by bus from Girona Airport to Barcelona is 12 Euro for one way trip, or 21 for round trip.