Barcelona Airport or Aeropuerto de Barcelona:

Twenty Spanish airports, including Barcelona Airport,  in the northern part of the Iberian peninsula were closed Saturday due to the cloud of ash from the Icelandic volcano of Eyjafjalla, which covered part of Spanish air space. 

Barcelona Airport:

Now here you can find latest information/news regarding Barcelona Airport tranfers:

Barcelona Airport has opened recently the new T1. Check your flights to see if your flights departs from Barcelona Airport T1 or the old termional T2.

Barcelona Airport (Barcelona BCN ) becomes the second major airport in Spain.

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Hotels in Barcelona City Center

Barcelona has around 400 hotels in the area. Most of Barcelona hotels are available online and normally the rates are lower if you book the room online.

Barcelona Airport and offer a the best selection of Barcelona hotel whether you are coming from Barcelona airport or from somewhere else,

  1. LOCATION of the Hotel in Barcelona
  2. BUDGET for the hotel

1. LOCATION of the hotel in Barcelona

Barcelona is quite a big city, but not like London or Paris. This is really important to know in order to choose the right hotel.

Most of the people choose for their first time a hotel right in the Ramblas of Barcelona. This could be a good option, but any traveller must know that being in the center of Barcelona doest mean necessarily to be in Ramblas. Furthermore, sometimes, depending on the pourpose of the trip, you may like to be in other more friendly areas of Barcelona.

Areas of interest (all considered Barcelona city center):

  • Ramblas of Barcelona and Old Town: This is tourist center of Barcelona. Very few spanish people live there. This is area is full of shops, some tourist night bars (specially english and irish pubs). There are many hotels and hostels in this area of Barcelona.

Strong points: Good for young people looking for night fun. Very central area, easy to go anywhere. Ramblas, during the day, it really nice to visit.

Week points: It is the wildest area of Barcelona, specially at night. Be prepeared to deal with pick-pockets.

If you look for hotels near Ramblas, offer good discount hotels in this area.


  • Eixample and Passeig de Gracia: This is the best area of Barcelona. Gaudi modernism is all around, from the Sagrada Familia to La Casa Batllo. This is real Barcelona, where 80% of the Barcelona people live. Full of live, shops, markets, clothes, and most of the restaurants of Barcelona. The second time you visit Barcelona, this is the area where you will go Most of the Barcelona Hotels are in this area:

Strong points: It is the best area for hotels and apartments. Clean and safe. Walking distance to everywhere.

Week points: No week points for tourism. For barcelonians, from my point of view, too many cars.

If you look for hotels in Eixample Barcelona, offer good discount hotels in this area of Barcelona.


  • Olimpic Village and beach area: Probably, one of the best areas, specially from March to September, when Barcelona is sunny and bright. Close to the Old Town (just 10 minutes walking away) and to all other Barcelona attractions, it is a new area very very popular. If you like the sun, walking, nature, bicycling, this is the area. We recommend this area for families. The most expensive hotel of Barcelona is in this area, the Arts Hotel Barcelona.

Strong points: Clean and safe. Sunny, perfect for families.

Week points: No week points for tourism. Expensive hotels for Barcelona.

If you look for hotels in Villa Olimpica Barcelona, offer good discount hotels in this area of Barcelona.


2. BUDGET for the hotel in Barcelona


Depending on your budget, you can choose between different options. The hotel industry in Spain give different names to different kind of accommodation. Basically there are 4 kinds of accommodation:

Hotels: Like in any city of the world, they are classified by stars. Spanish stars are similar to other major cities, and therefore, 1 and 2 stars hotels in Barcelona are vary basic and you should be careful. 3 stars hotels in Barcelona are really worthy and 4 and 5 are really good in Barcelona, much better than in other spanish cities.

Tourist Apartments: Really popular in Barcelona. You can find a huge offer of tourist apartments in barcelona. This kind of accommodation is really worthy if you are travelling with friends or family. From 20-30 Euro per person you can get a really high standard accommodation.

Pensiones: They exist just in Spain, and they are cheap and basic accommodation. Normally "pensiones" have 5-15 rooms and cost around 50 Euro, normally with shared bathroom.

Hostels: In Barcelona, most of the hostels give beds to your traveller who dont care about sharing the room with some more people.


We recommend to use a high qualified website to make any reservation. There are many websites of hotel reservation, but some of them they havent check the hotels, and therefore, you can have problems. Be careful to use an official agency, because they guarantee the good end of your vacation. We recommend


HOTELENIA.COM is the website of the Tourist and Convention Bureau S.L. of Barcelona. You can find all kind of accommodation in Barcelona, from Barcelona 1 star hotels to luxury hotels in Barcelona. Also they have a good offer of tourist apartments in Barcelona.