Apple prepares the Reversible USB Cable for its new iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 might come with a totally new USB type. Probably Apple will not change the Lightning port it made for the iPhone 5 in 2012, but it would definitely redesign it for the iPhone 6. Some photos of the reversible USB appeared for the very first time on various site last week while Sonny Dickson shared some pictures on its Twitter account.

The greatest advantage of a reversible USB is that it can be inserted in a port in any direction. Thus, there will be no more problems when inserting the USB in strangely positioned places or in the dark. The first pictures that emerged on the web were not extremely reliable due to the uncertainty of the source, but further investigation pointed out that Apple is really capable of producing a reversible USB.

The USB Promotor Group made it public the fact that they ended the design of the cable named Type C USB 3.0 which stands out due to its reversible characteristic. The greatest problem is that this cable does not fit into the present USB port of any Apple product. Considering the fact that Apple switched from the 30-pin connector to Lightning just two years ago, it seems unlikely that the company would take the decision to change the USB ports of all its products. Thus, it is quite easy as label as unreal the rumors of a reversible USB.

But, Apple filed a patent in 2013 in which it refers to a reversible USB type. The patent, unveiled this summer, contained a sketch and also a description of the invention. According to the patent description the embodiments may offer a dual orientation or a reversible USB plug connectors. The patent also stated that the invention can function with any electronic gadget which has a normal USB connector.

The Apple reversible USB may function with the usual Type A port which the company has made use of for some years now. Another evidence to support the presence of the reversible USB in the iPhone 6 package is the two-way USB cables are already a reality. They have been commercialized for some time now by Tripp Lite.

The leaked pictures and the patent filed by Apple are hints that the company might decide to redesign its USB connector for the new devices it plans to release in the coming autumn. If Apple takes this decision, then there are high possibilities for the company to use the upgraded cable on all its next devices including the rumoured iBand.

The reversible USB will be seen on the 9th of September if Apple decides to make use of it. The new iPhone 6 will have a better display, a more advanced camera system and brand new sensors.