Apple and IBM put Their Forces Together

The news about the 18,000 employees to be given the sack by Microsoft created quite a buzz last week. However, it was not the worst news for the giant electronics company. Apple and IBM announced a week ago that they join forces in order to target important companies around the world. It is not a new fact that Apple wants to weaken Microsoft’s position within the market of desktop computers. In spite of its repeated attempts, Apple has not managed to do any damages to Microsoft. Nonetheless the situation might be completely different now.

Lots of companies have permitted their staff to make use of iPhones and iPads. However, the IT departments of numerous companies do not support this practice. This is due to Apple’s little experience in creating a secure network and in providing the necessary technical support.

Apple expressed its hopes to receive from IBM cloud services to work with its iOS operating system. Moreover, it expects to receive security, good management of devices as well as mobile integration. The Apple Care service will be created in such a way so as to suit the needs of companies. Obviously, the entire service will be based on the information received from IBM specialists. Apple has decided to go on a partnership with IBM due to its impossibility to offer huge companies technical support, management, networking and sales.

The new operating system that Apple has created for the Mac desktop is centered on connecting Apple mobile gadgets with desktop computers. But the connection between desktop and mobile devices will not be possible if the desktop is not a Mac. Maybe time has come for Apple to enter big companies.