Barcelona Airport or Aeropuerto de Barcelona:

Twenty Spanish airports, including Barcelona Airport,  in the northern part of the Iberian peninsula were closed Saturday due to the cloud of ash from the Icelandic volcano of Eyjafjalla, which covered part of Spanish air space. 

Barcelona Airport:

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Barcelona Airport has opened recently the new T1. Check your flights to see if your flights departs from Barcelona Airport T1 or the old termional T2.

Barcelona Airport (Barcelona BCN ) becomes the second major airport in Spain.

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Girona Airport History - Barcelona Girona Airport

At the moment Barcelona Girona airport, there are daily flights within Europe. The destinations from the Girona Airport have now grown to include: KARLSRUHE, BRUSSELS, NIEDERRHEIN, PARIS, EINDHOVEN, ROTTERDAM, BUDAPEST, DUBLIN, SHANNON, ALGHERO, IS ABOVE, VENICE, ROME, MILAN, ROME, VENICE, KATOWICE, WARSAW, BLACKPOOL, BOURNEMOUT, GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL, LONDON, MANSTON, NOTTINGHAM and STOCKHOLM and also offer service to more than 10 countries. The number of passengers has increased from 400 Barcelona Girona airport, 000 in 1995 to more than 2 million in 2004, being one of the airports with the largest growth in recent years.

This growth is mainly due to the operations of Ryanair in the airport. Their flights transport most of the tourists who arrive daily to the airport of Girona Barcelona Girona airport. The increase of arrivals and departures from the airport of Girona has caused an underflow of its facilities and services. In spite of already planned extensions of parking Barcelona Girona airport, the increase of the number of taxis and bus lines that connect the airport with the main tourist destinations, the airport of Girona is daily close to collapsing.

There are 1030 parking spots for cars, all of them free of charge, and only 35 places for Girona Airport buses exist at the moment. This number of seats is clearly inferior to the number necessary to accommodate the numerous clients Barcelona Girona airport, who given the isolation of the airport, bet by the displacement by their own vehicle to the airport.

In the present time there are new parking places in the works, these ones of payment, to avoid chaos ruling, where each one parks where it can, at the road borders, fields or private parking within the zone. At the moment two zones of parking exist; the larger one of them as opposite the terminal building and the other just to the right of the same one Barcelona Girona airport , in front of the old terminal. We can find many places for handicapped people, in front of the terminal building, in the zone of arrivals. Because it is a very small airport Barcelona Girona airport, there is not a great amount of stores, cafeterias or restaurants. If you have a long time to wait for the arrival of the airplane, the delay can be made long and exhausting. Nevertheless Barcelona Girona airport, a café is a good place to spend hours.

The most popular one is Café-Café, the only cafeteria, located in the lobby of the check-in area. It offers a wide selection of pastries Barcelona Girona airport, also cold and warm sandwiches, among other things. During lunch and dinner time they serve proper meals. The contact telephone number is +34-972 186 686. Medas is another place to find something something to eat Barcelona Girona airport , in the case of arriving with hunger after a long flight. This cafeteria-restaurant is located on the departures level and serves all type of hamburgers Barcelona Girona airport, hotdogs, cold and warm sandwiches, etc. Also there is a zone designated to restaurants where it is possible to eat “a la carta”.

The telephone contact number is +34-972 186 686 Barcelona Girona airport. Another cafeteria located in this area is Ready. This cafeteria-restaurant serves all types of coffee Barcelona Girona airport, refreshments, juices, etc. - and also elaborate plates such as salads, pastas, sandwiches, etc. Their telephone number of contact is +34-972 186 685. These three cafeterias are the only restaurants in the airport and it is obvious that there are not too many Barcelona Girona airport , but they are sufficient to waste the time left between flights. For those who need to make purchases in the airport Barcelona Girona airport, different options exist, including Aldeasa. This company operates in all the Spanish airports and has created a market within airports that offers the passenger a great amount of products in a single space, from wine to tobacco, film, and souvenirs. Girona airport.. Area is another store dedicated to the sale of wines Barcelona Girona airport, cakes, chocolates, treats, etc..